Core Massage and Bodywork for Men: Pelvis, Hips, Thighs, Low Back and Abdomen

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"I love the chest work you did. You do the best pec work of anybody."

Clark T.

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"You are really very good - a great quality of touch. It is so nice to fully trust letting my body be in your hands. You have healing hands and energy."

Chris W.

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"Thank you for all your help and skills over the past few months. You have really made a difference in my life. I felt great after last session and people commented how good I looked. I told them why and recommended you."

Brian J.

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"The massage you gave me Monday evening was the very best I ever had - bar none. You are certainly a gifted masseur and a lovely man as well. I am not easily impressed, but you impressed me on several levels."

Jonathan F.

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"Thanks so much for your help in keeping my stress level in check during these past months. Being a person of few words, I find it difficult to express my feelings on how great the experience was for me. It has done wonders to get me through this difficult period."

Bob K.

Shoulders - Back - Chest - Neck

This approach shifts the focus upward to the shoulders, back, chest, and neck. These contingent areas join to form a nexus or crossroads - the trunk sweeps up and broadens into the chest and upper back, the arms join to the torso at the shoulders, and the neck is perched above, sinking many muscular "roots" into the upper back and shoulders while supporting the head. All of these parts function together in a complex dance of movement and support and it is useful to focus here in a comprehensive way.

shoulder anatomyMy shoulders, back, chest, and neck sessions thoroughly engage the several layers of muscles of what could be termed your upper core. Typically the upper back and shoulders get a fair amount of attention in traditional massage, understandably so as this is where so many of us feel the effects of day-to-day tension and postural imbalances. Equally important, however, are the muscles of the chest as these often play a significant role in back and shoulder problems via their forward, downward, and inward pull. In my work both the pectoralis major and the important underlying pectoralis minor get their fair share of attention, and release of both of these muscles contributes to opening up and broadening the chest. I also incorporate side-lying positions to access the often overlooked muscles under the shoulder blade, around the armpit, and on the sides of the rib cage.

Full Body Massage

muscles imageThis is the classic head-to-toe experience we most often think of when we hear the word massage. This approach almost always uses oil and can include short linear and circular strokes, kneading, compression, rocking, shaking, and those long, luxurious flowing strokes for ultimate relaxation. It's a great circulation enhancer and can reset the entire nervous system. In my practice when doing a full body session, I use "cold-pressed" almond oil (extracted without heat or chemicals) which is lighter than many other oils, absorbs into the skin well, and is one of the most hypo-allergenic oils on the market.

Keep in mind that full body sessions are by nature not as thorough, comprehensive or specific as the focused core work for either the pelvis or shoulder areas, as there is so much more territory to cover. Nevertheless, full body massage can fit the bill perfectly when life has been overbearing and you need to treat yourself to some quality touch to de-stress and reconnect with the pleasure of your physical body. Some clients have described this as "skin hunger" - or a strong desire for physical contact - and what better way to get warm, supporting, skilled touch from head to toe than from a massage and bodywork specialist? Light music plays in the background as you drift away...

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